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This page is for application developers and technical product managers new to swiftUI and visionOS.

Key terms in visionOS

  • RealityKit is used to manage the creation and animation of 3D objects in your apps. Create RealityKit content programmatically, or use
  • Reality Composer Pro to build entire scenes that contain all the objects, animations, sounds, and visual effects you need.
  • Use RealityView in your app to include the scenes with your RealityKit content, add to your windows, volumes, or spaces
  • USDZ stands for Universal Scene Description. It is a file format for 3D models, introduced by Apple in collaboration with Pixar for its ARKit.  For more info, see USD Overview and Purpose

Useful Apple Resources

  • Explore materials in reality Composer Pro
  • Enhance your spacial computing app with RealityKit
  • Work with reality Composer Pro Content in Code
  • Elevate your windowed app for spacial computing
  • Design for spacial user interfaces
  • discover Metal for immersive apps
  • Explore the USD ecosystem (3D content library)
  • Meet ARKit for spacial computing
  • What's new in SwiftUI
  • Disvoer quick Look for spatial computing
  • Explore renering for spatial computing
  • Build great games for spatial computing
  • Create immersive Unity apps
  • Get started with building apps for spatial computing
  • Developer your first immersive app
  • Evolve your ARKit app for sptial experiences
  • Expore immersive sound design
  • WWDC22 - Understand USD fundamentals
  • WWDC21 - Create 3D workflows with USD

visionOS Development Tutorials

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