I am always interested to hear what tools people use to get their work done, so I have listed a few of my own favorites that I am using now:

Cloud Computing
Software & Development Tools
  • Docker - slim down and isolate your application environment, and make your applications incredibly portable across infrastructures
  • Sublime Text 3 - best editor I have found for node.js development
  • Parse Server - node.js based open source server to easily create a backend service for mobile apps. Formerly of the parse service that facebook bought, shut down, and open sourced.
  • Ghost Blogging Server - this blog uses ghost, which I'm running in a docker container on my laptop and on digital ocean.
  • Trello - scrum boards
  • Xcode - development environment for all things Apple
  • Git - local version control system. Github for collaboration

Plan to use

Some of the interesting services and technology I would like to try out:

  • Mesosphere - the way distributed applications should be built. I've played with DCOS on amazon, but the application I'm working on now does not need the clustering (future).
  • Docker Swarm - docker's take on container cluster management
  • Google Kubernetes - google's take on container cluster management
  • Microsoft Azure - cloud computing alternative that I have tried but don't yet have a good reason to switch to